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Samantha Fish

40-watt combo loaded with a pair of 5881 power tubes and a 100-watt Jensen N12K speaker in a semi-closed cabinet. The Samantha’s controls include Bass, Mid and Treble along with Volume, Reverb, Drive, Boost switch and Power to adjust its overall output. Other touches include a slave out and a jack to footswitch the boost.


Tab Benoit

Designed to Tab Benoit’s specs, the Voice of the Wetlands 45 is a customized 50W Andrew running a pair of 6L6GCs in a 4×10 ‘Super’ configuration.

Kenny Greenberg

Category 5 Amps KG 50

50 watts 2 x El34 power tubes
Matchless style channel
Tweed deluxe style
Ef86, 12ax7,12ax7,12at7,12au7

Great for studio or tour, this is one of the workhorse amps that Kenny uses for the Kenny Chesney tour or in the studio with a-list artists.